nova-Session on Sustainability Certifications for the Circular Bioeconomy

Bio-based and CO2-based circular solutions – how to ensure sustainable sourcing of non-fossil feedstocks?

20 June 2023, 13:00 – 16:30 h (CET) (online)
Hosts: Lara Dammer, Asta Partanen (nova-Institute)

The only way for chemicals and materials to become sustainable, climate-friendly and part of the circular economy is the complete substitution of fossil carbon with renewable carbon from alternative sources: biomass, CO2 and recycling. Investment in all three sectors is currently very high. But in many cases, questions remain on how to ensure that the innovative solutions based on renewable carbon feedstock do not cause different problems – such as land use change, negative impacts on biodiversity or social injustices.

The half-day online event will focus on certification systems and how to convince your customers and business environment of your sustainability measures with third-party certificates.


Certification systems and different approaches
Raw materials and their certification schemes
Sustainability declaration and claims, and guidelines for claims and certificates
Certification process and traceability
Different chain of custody models

Find out and get a good overview of the certification landscape for your renewable, circular bio-based or CO2-containing materials and feedstocks from several top dogs of sustainability certification and independent experts from nova-Institute. The workshop will focus on the materials sector of renewable chemicals and materials. The online session will provide ample time for your questions and will conclude with a panel discussion.

Do not miss this opportunity to engage directly with experts from the industry, academia and policy. Join us for an informative and engaging nova Session on “Sustainability Certifications for the Circular Bioeconomy”. Register now to secure your spot!